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          Part Number Description Operating Temperature (℃) Audio Application Converter type Number of bits Operating/supply voltage (VCC,VP,VDD) [max] VDD [max] Cross Reference Pin/Package

          AT8591 AT8591T - 8-bit A/D and D/A converter -40~70 Radio, Audio and CD/DVD Systems Analog-to-Digital; Digital-to-Analog 8 2.5 6 PCF8591 DIP16,SOP16
          AT3021 Low-Power 10-Bit A/D Converter with I2C Interface MCP3021 SOT23-5
          技術支持:萬廣互聯 芯景AnalogTek-CLOCK|RTC|RS232|RS485|LVDS|I2C|多協議收發芯片|馬達驅動芯片-武漢芯景科技有限公司WuHan?AnalogTek?Technology?Co.,?Ltd. 鄂ICP備20005446號-1